Petrochemical Plant

Advance in exploration and production have helped to locate and recover a supply of oil and natural gas from major reserves across the globe. At the same time, demand for petroleum based product has grown in corners of the world but supply and demand are rarely concentrated in the same place. Transportation therefore is vital to ensuring the reliable and affordable flow of petroleum; we all count on to petrol our cars, heat our homes and improve the quality of our lives.

Tankers and pipeline are proven, efficient and economical means of connecting petroleum supply-end. Pipeline carry’s crude oil from well to a loading terminal at a port. Tankers carry the crude oil directly to the demand site. Because of these demands and supply, Trackheroes Nigeria uses the best method of sales and delivery processes to meet up with our esteem clients. Making sure that products demanded for and sold gets to them as at when needed.


How we sell oil and gas: we sell in:-

1. Litre - N 80
2. Tons - N66,600
3. Tanks-either way